Rainbow Serpent - Sacred Dreaming


Sacred dreaming, look into the Indigenous Dreamtimes, a connection to Wonambi naracoortensis, having a primal connection to water, and all water sources, seeing the world in terms of good people and bad people, judging others, colour therapy, rainbows nourish you, benevolence and malevolence, fertility and fecundity, sacredness, the wisdom of mountains, gorges and rocky outcrops, animism.

General Description:

The rainbow serpent is a sacred figure found in many Indigenous Aboriginal cosmologies throughout Australia. It is thought by scientists to be connected to Australia's extinct, giant python - Wonambi naracoortensis. The rainbow serpent had control over water and water sources, creating waterways by its great movements through the land, and often creating mountains, outcrops of granite, and other rocky formations nearby as a result of its journeying. It is considered a sacred, water-creating being that can often determine the life or death of a community. It is considered a bringer of justice - bringing good things to those who perform good acts for their community, and malevolence down upon those who do not.