Jackal - Death and the Underworlds


Connection to Anubis, the trickster, psychopomp, connection to death and the underworlds, adaptability, an ability to 'make it work,' saving time for others, schadenfreude, unusual communication methods, an affinity with darkness and the night, cunning, resourcefulness, pairing for life, an ability to bond with unusual strength to others.

General Description:

The jackal is approximately three/four species of wild canid found in Africa, Asia, and South-East Europe. The jackal is generally crepuscular (though will have more nocturnal habits when hear human habitation), and tends to hunt along or in pairs, though groups of jackal will sometimes amass to scavenge from carrion. Jackal form monogamous breeding pairs which defend and protect territories with scent markers. Jackals tend to be found in savannahs, deserts, grasslands, bushlands, woodlands, and even mountains; depending on the species. Jackals are very vocal species, being highly communicative dogs.